SSDBlaze Dedicated Server Hosting

Enterprise Infrastructure

Experience the best infrastructure around, each dedicated server gets a full 1Gbps uplink on a 10Gbps backbone. Burst to a full 1Gbps when you wish.

Powerful Hardware

Enjoy worry free performance. We use the industry’s leading hardware to provide you with the best service. Intel Xeon processors and Samsung SSDs are a simple expectation.

Advanced Security

Our facilities are equipped with keycard locks at every entrance. We have professional technicians onsite 24/7 to ensure your hardware and the data stays protected.

Dedicated Servers

Between quality hardware and expert support staff there isn't a worry. Begin hosting with SSDBlaze and put previous concerns and poor experiences to rest making hosting issues a memory of the past.

Our Latest Articles

There are an overwhelming amount of articles on the web on how to do all sorts of projects, however there isn’t an established mediator to determine if its the proper way to go about it. Security of your server is important to us. The articles are both secure and safe.

Rapid Deployment

Why wait an hour to get your server? Rapid Deployment is supposed to be fast! Our Pre Configured servers fully deploy in as little as 15 minutes after payment verification. Order a server between 10AM and 10PM and get Rapid Deployment for free. Times are based on -7GMT Zone